Djinn, tree and me

Under the cursed tree, the solace of noon winds embraced me.

I remained! Intrigued and attached to the feeble rustle of bi-colored leaves.

Parched lips and an empty heart skipping one inconsequential beat.

Still I remained as an oblivious speck, flinching at nothing at all

The drunken djinn ogling from the crumbling branches above whispered a silent tale.

A tale of a mirage that glimmers in light and dims out at dark without a hint of a fight.

The djinn let out a smirk and it shook me awake, a droplet fell through the carpet of leaves and on my head.

A cold spine, a meddling heart and the salt of my own tears hurt my morbid wounds.

The rain stopped, a puddle was formed on the dent I made as I had sat through the time.

On the hazy mirror that the puddle made, I saw the djinn mounted on my shoulder blade.

Without a pause, I jumped and danced. The djinn fell into the puddle, drank the water and left me with nothing at last.

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