Happy birthday Beeku

His million charm takes over him.
Eye of an artist and high on the whim.
Subtle little troubles of his life
Neither cost him the joy nor did it survive.
He loathes about the things that give us a kick.
Munchies and minions are his first hand pick.
With a smile that melts his eyes to the shrink,
he laughs with us carrying a consistent wink.
Worries mean nothing and they don’t make him sad
His lunatic self beats them with a subluminal fad.
Merry and blissful his life has been
till this 23 years that he has seen.
There are more to come with his joyful wisdom to see,
We wish that you stay as you are and be lovely and free.

Happy birthday rain

She can dance with us through the end,
She can talk about moon and our starry friends.
With a twinkle in her eyes she glides and she pleads
to show her love that takes her to places it leads.
Named as a rain that kills all our thirst,
she rises up over and smiles at us first.
The burst in her walk tells us of tales
how we lose all our sweat and still follow her ways.
We have found this girl in a paradise land
and we found that the paradise was not ready to lose her hand.
She is one of those friends you wish you always had
She is the one who can make you both happy and sad.
She makes us all special in her own ways
like the golden morning drizzle of window pane rays.
Let the day grow on her with so much to say
And let us all begin by wishing her a happy birthday.