What are you trying to escape from?

haha! Where are you running away to?
with the heavy heart and a crooked shoe.
What is the ending you want to seek?
when the end is endless and infinitely long to peak.
You left all your conscience and grieved to run?
to a place where you will find the spirits of none.
There is neither the essence of joy nor the remorseful presence of sorrow
in that place where you want to be in the days of coming tomorrow.
Why did the light show up far too soon?
Why did you trust it to be same as the moon.
You won’t see her ever again
and the sun won’t shun the lifeless pain.
Here is where your life should be,
here is where you have lots to see.
Survive, perceive and hold on to that hope
and don’t ever let your burning soul elope.
For he might leave a trail of raging blaze
that shines and also puts every one in a daze.

The end

Let the musk of my sweetest breath bring an end to me,
for I have seen the gorgeous dawns and frightening dusks.
With infinite additions of life’s probable dreams
my heart is dead and my thoughts are eternally free.
This satirical presence is weakening my nerves and
the “when” and “where” of my seeking
has put itself to rest as I am speaking.
Through doors of pointless passion and greed
I carried myself through and blindly agreed.
For now, I am no longer who I am
I feel like I was chosen in the past of time.
Fake and masked behind an hypocritical truth,
I am sick and nauseous of all these wrath in crude.
No more laughter can calm my mind
there are no more tears to shed and hide.
Rain and sunshine on my altering self
have decayed and rusted my soul itself.
For now I want to live until I die
For now I want to be myself and try.

Dreams for sale

You count your days till weekend arrives
with numbers that mean nothing dead or alive.
Friday’s breath sulks with anonymous joy
till Monday, and then you plunge like a crooked toy.

Tantrums and papers that fill your days
complete your wallets in minimal ways.
You burn again in that cabin-cage
with nowhere to run and hide the rage.

You wish you could do something else
where your mind relaxes and your heart tells
“this is where you belong to now,
this is what you do and love”.

Supple and waving your thoughts have been
like winds of nature nowhere seen.
Your wings will not be pardoned then
if you quit to fly and stay in the den.

Your dreams are not for a conscious yard-sale
your dreams are not so blue and pale.
And you could conquer your world when you wake up now
still doing the things with a glow when you do with love.

Eyes that open for the first time

His subtle touch on the black metal gun,
caressing it’s body with a point black face.
Black like the land where gold’s reign begun,
he wants to kill the ruins of this empty phase.

Five killer bullets in the place of six,
one empty to romance the chance of his wits.
He put the killer on his head to leave this to God,
with a bluntest mind that went off it’s guard.

A fortnight ago his gentle heart loved
all the evil that sung his thoughts out loud.
Happiness was the warmest of his guns
and the smirk in his smile shone like hundred odd suns.

Flowers on the side of rusty old tracks
lifted his soul off all the perilous rites.
Then brown boring boxes tied up in stacks
crossed all the joy and put up a fight.

He said all he could, he loved all his friends.
But none did any good for all his amends.
Then he hissed goodbye to the laughter of life
as if it was a cowardice thrown at a divorcing wife.

Tried to put on all of his merry good love,
to the job he stuck onto that was blessed from above.
His self drudging mind was not at all pleased,
as his wanderlust being got tortured and teased.

Now no other last words echoed in his heart,
he left it to the odds that thrived million miles apart.
Pushed on the trigger with his last closed eyes,
the silence of his gun gave him a chance to live twice.

Yes. He killed and yet he thrives
with blood on his head gushing the hives.
Eyes that stayed close imagined the death
of a fool who regretted all that lived under his breath.
His wanderlust soul began to smile
again with a smirk that would light up a mile.
A subtle touch on that black metal gun,
gave him his life back again and took him as his son.