What are you trying to escape from?

haha! Where are you running away to?
with the heavy heart and a crooked shoe.
What is the ending you want to seek?
when the end is endless and infinitely long to peak.
You left all your conscience and grieved to run?
to a place where you will find the spirits of none.
There is neither the essence of joy nor the remorseful presence of sorrow
in that place where you want to be in the days of coming tomorrow.
Why did the light show up far too soon?
Why did you trust it to be same as the moon.
You won’t see her ever again
and the sun won’t shun the lifeless pain.
Here is where your life should be,
here is where you have lots to see.
Survive, perceive and hold on to that hope
and don’t ever let your burning soul elope.
For he might leave a trail of raging blaze
that shines and also puts every one in a daze.