The madman judges the enigma too effortlessly,
Ah! such an ignorant and self centered prick.
Yet she is honest, brutal and straight as the forging steel,
with a pendant on her heart that stops us from making a steal.
Secrets and million wavering thoughts find their way to her heart
and the pendant hides the shadow of the path! A godly purpose doing its part.

The scar in her head is a sign of the wound
she got from the previous births she had took.
Hit and beat up with insensitive judgement and vile
blow of the men who sent her into an infinite exile.
Another burden of doubts and reasons were swooned
to massacre this poor girl and her hold on the ground was shook.

Still dazed and unsure about her place on this earth,
she belittled the beauty of her purpose and birth.
Again the madman would blame her and tease
till the reasons flow into her heart as a soothing release.
She is scared now, and she is trembling with fear
but she gracefully tones the clumsy tremble to a dance.
The devil is doubtful and the evil doesn’t long to hear
the glorious songs of victory that romance her trance.
Yes, she is bad! And yes, she is good.
Yes, she is someone who is seldom understood.
No, she isn’t bad! And no, she isn’t good.
No! She is nothing but a wonder that this heaven never understood.

Masks of very different men

To hide the face behind that mask,
he lost his sense of gentleness and pride.
To adorn the newly found face with lies,
he nurtured his ego and lost his stride.

He killed men of war and he wore his rage as feathers
without embracing the essence of love and bonds.
He put down his shield of wisdom he feared
and he let down his bloody push of reason in head.

Why did he choose all those masks of shame?
and why did he wear it in the resonating instances of fame?
Did the touch of grenades and guns in his hands
made him someone else that the presence can’t withstand?

Where did he cultivate that lust of blood and flesh?
Does it really take him to the paradise of satisfactory rush?
Does the grin in his face while he rips out a soul
covers the gloom and sorrow of the lives he raped?

Nowhere to go and no heaven to be
the mask he wore made him a devil on a murdering spree.
For all he murdered was himself and his race
and all the beauty that life gave him. What a disgrace!