Shaa-inspired lines

Who is here to stay with me?
To swallow my thoughts for real and free.
Who is here to reach for my dreams?
To weave the dull night sky with stars to see.
Who is here to unfold my magic in words?
To read between lines of stories
from my thousand nether worlds.
Who is here to rest under my shade?
Whose smell should I expect to fade?
But I warn you now that my fire would carelessly drown
under the weight of joy another soul has stole and shown.
My dreams would wither, my words would die.
Yet in my thousand nether worlds, I never would have lied.

Rush in and fade out

The madness to rush in and fade out
is a state of being we love to be.
Desire, a drive to want everything and all
with a conscious lucidity of needing nothing at all.
Holding onto a breakable string
greedy yet scared of the tensile rupture.
Judging only the weakness of the hitch
and ignoring the weight of the doubts we carry.

Tipped over in few of the many walks of lives
we went on in search of answers and lies.
The dreadful journey to nowhere to seek
the significant parts of our soul were weak.
A messy mountain of heap filling our vulnerable hearts
held the slippery suicide points of our destined parts.

Hang on warriors, hang on to the rope
cling on to the farce promises of hope.
When we leave that gentle grasp to death
we would cherish the fall with all our breath.
The madness to rush in and fade out is strong
when there are million other lives to do it with us along.

The kiss of the gentleman

Once a while, I would die for a love that is never found,
a love that is totally off the grid and celestially unbound.
We all thrive and live for that sense of peace in heart
and we never know who gives it away from their soulful part.

Here again, I drench myself in the grace of men
here again, my hypocrite self longed for the same.
A night went down with showers over the asbestos sheet
and still staying up are two drunken men taking over the tropical breeze.

They welcomed me to their laid out space with an apple in hand,
an apple so sweet and rare like the love they would show to make me understand.
A bite was all it took to taste the nectar of gentle and careful upbringing
and the fruity juice skipped my heartbeat and felt like a dawn bird’s singing.

My warm and subtle smile crept right into their arid emotional emptiness,
one of the other guy walked up to me and asked all about my dreams and hopes.
As I let him see the unseen glories and stories of my past being near naked,
he let out a smile that overpowered mine with a confronting vibe.

He touched my hand and picked it up close to the air of his grey and dark moustache,
he placed a dry and fragile kiss on my unprepared right clinched fist,
and the smell of the rum covered each other’s shame like a queen hill concealed in mist.
My guilt of being a man took abode in the parched up holes of his lips.

Here again, I found myself loved from the eyes and heart of a stranger
I wish I never find the same love to make my existence feel a little bit stranger.

Terracivilized during a rainy day

Settling down on the chaos of life,
he survived in the elixir of his humor and pride.
He was wrong and stupid in the best of his days,
his wealth and breath hung up on his euphoric craze.

Pushing up the rod and button of steel,
he opened the umbrella to cease the feel.
The feel of the graceful falling rain,
he doubt that his touch might inflict the drops some pain.

Grieving about the heartless souls
that wanders by the edge of holes.
Holes drawing and sucking the essence of him
he wasn’t sure of his place and his tear glands filled up to brim.

All that he has seen and all that he has ever been
was like pure drops of the storm clinging on the clothe-line stream.
A shake and a gust was all it would take
to unsettle the nerves and to make the fall partake.

He swallowed the rest of his doubts and fears,
he pulled back the rod to bring the fabric of the umbrella close and near.
With the rumbling clouds spilled on the light dark of the day
he thought of words that his true self wanted to say.

He looked up with his eyes drowsy and closed,
million droplets still falling to give him a dose.
And all it took was the chill of the air and
he figured the purpose he was due to serve with flair.

What are you trying to escape from?

haha! Where are you running away to?
with the heavy heart and a crooked shoe.
What is the ending you want to seek?
when the end is endless and infinitely long to peak.
You left all your conscience and grieved to run?
to a place where you will find the spirits of none.
There is neither the essence of joy nor the remorseful presence of sorrow
in that place where you want to be in the days of coming tomorrow.
Why did the light show up far too soon?
Why did you trust it to be same as the moon.
You won’t see her ever again
and the sun won’t shun the lifeless pain.
Here is where your life should be,
here is where you have lots to see.
Survive, perceive and hold on to that hope
and don’t ever let your burning soul elope.
For he might leave a trail of raging blaze
that shines and also puts every one in a daze.

Don’t cry

Oh. The rage and furious depth of your eyes
swallows the world and everything it bears.
The blood shot curtain of white and red
are remnants of dreams that fade and die.
Why do you let go off the clinging tears
that hide behind the echoing beats of your heart?
Is that who you are? Are you subtle and weak?
For all we see is the strength you built all these years.
Do not shed and do not dread,
burdens and doubts are not yours anymore.
Friend! Rest now and put your whirlwind soul to sleep.
Infinite lives you breeze through are alive, not dead.
Let your quintessential self dance inside the cage
let the weight of your sorrow fall loudly down.
For now is when your path can change
and you are destined to summit the heights with rage.