Who am I?

I’m the cursed dirt immured among roots,
I’m not the part of tree, neither am I free.

I’m that murky air that precedes a summer rain,
Never the blob of a drop that cuddles exposed skin.

I’m always a mere trace of shadow,
I’m not the light that adorns the day.

I’m that malodorous stink inside prisoner cages,
Never the olfactory divinity from valley’s spice-infused wind.

I’m always an uninvited burden taking space,
I’m not the zero-attributed void that I seek to be.

The ghat-men

a dying wish to be a ghat-man.
To breathe in the air of thousand meters high,
to know the denseness of my tessellated self.
As hairpin curves lead way to foresee shadows of heaven
that God had guiltily retained for men of passion to see.

We could measure the heights
where mists and misfits dance
but we could never understand
the soulful purpose of the same.
We could hear the weary whistle
of the ever-passing wind-
telling secrets of yesterday
that died in unadulterated vain.
A longing to go out of breath on each step,
a dream to be the warmth between
the sweater and the fabric of the shirt.
A desire to be in the air of
three different damp smoke,
one of the cigarette’s,
one of the tea’s and
one from my own breath-
owing to the cold dark soul.

See when I fit there, I’d exist as a whole.
A part of mine that makes me none
would never be there anymore.
I’d shed my curious dead-drop glance
on the hanging drops of dew that cling on
to the green of the leaves with hopes so few-
as though wishing for a vile storm to pass.
Reflecting the muck on the surface,
the clinging dew drop survives and sways.
And right then I’d tether the drop to my finger tip-
just with a graceful touch like a painter
finishing his lady’s face with a freckle.
The dew would embrace the reach of my tip
and I’d walk it through the storm
with the other hand on my hip.



Thrust of the monsoon winds fight my flight,
scream of a long-gone friend fall in my sight,
for today I bear my dreams in my wings
for today I hear my soul that sings.

A freedom that is newly found
is free to carry me far away from around.
I leave no trail, I leave no regrets
I let my soul to take me where it gets.

Tears of joy finds abode
as I pin down my final ode.
Glaring sheen of my burning time
turns my memories to ashes of crime.

A beginning is yet to come
when I give birth to myself and become
the one and only I want to be
and then I might be finally free.