Shaa-inspired lines

Who is here to stay with me?
To swallow my thoughts for real and free.
Who is here to reach for my dreams?
To weave the dull night sky with stars to see.
Who is here to unfold my magic in words?
To read between lines of stories
from my thousand nether worlds.
Who is here to rest under my shade?
Whose smell should I expect to fade?
But I warn you now that my fire would carelessly drown
under the weight of joy another soul has stole and shown.
My dreams would wither, my words would die.
Yet in my thousand nether worlds, I never would have lied.

Rush in and fade out

The madness to rush in and fade out
is a state of being we love to be.
Desire, a drive to want everything and all
with a conscious lucidity of needing nothing at all.
Holding onto a breakable string
greedy yet scared of the tensile rupture.
Judging only the weakness of the hitch
and ignoring the weight of the doubts we carry.

Tipped over in few of the many walks of lives
we went on in search of answers and lies.
The dreadful journey to nowhere to seek
the significant parts of our soul were weak.
A messy mountain of heap filling our vulnerable hearts
held the slippery suicide points of our destined parts.

Hang on warriors, hang on to the rope
cling on to the farce promises of hope.
When we leave that gentle grasp to death
we would cherish the fall with all our breath.
The madness to rush in and fade out is strong
when there are million other lives to do it with us along.